Before I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone yesterday I read a couple of articles on ‘tips for blogger beginners’ and watched a YouTube video on how to start a blog, so I guess you could say I’m a pro now. One reiterated piece of advice is to start with an introductory post, introducing myself to ‘my audience’ (please no paparazzi) whilst giving insight into the style/genre of my blog.

So let’s get the boring narcissistic stuff out of the way so I can share with you my thoughts on some shit that actually matters. My name is *spoiler alert* Athena Labrianidis, and I’m part Greek part English. I’m 24 years old and I live with my beautiful Nan and not as beautiful brother in the little village of Helmshore when I’m not at university in Liverpool or traveling. There’s nothing about me in particular that I feel the need to share yet, I’m just me, existing and living a life as complex as yours. I graduated from university with an upper class BSc degree and I am set to begin my LLM when I return home from traveling in September this year. So excited. In terms of the direction of this blog I’m still unsure? I don’t really know what I’m doing. Maybe I’m having an existential crisis or maybe I just love the sound of my own virtual voice, who knows. What I do know is that I loveee just streaming thought. There are so many topics I feel motivated to talk about and hopefully somebody, somewhere shares a few of my interests or this could be awkward..

In recent years I’ve found myself immersed in self-education, not intentionally I just sort of fell into researching and reading purely through my own interest and enjoyment. This new-found willingness to learn definitely surfaced a few years after leaving school as I personally didn’t learn all that much at school. Partly because I wasn’t in the right mindset but despite that even, I never really learnt anything significantly beneficial to life anyway like how to manage finances, change a tyre or perform CPR for example.. you know.. useful shiz. But at least if I ever find myself in the midst of adversity I’ll know that Yelnats is Stanley spelled backwards.

Self-education is just one of the topics I have in mind. I want to write about my experiences, about travel, spirituality, self-love and body positivity, mindset/mindfulness, plant-based goodness, female empowerment, human rights, ego, materialism, aspects of buddhism and the law of attraction just to name a few. I’m no life coach, but I’ve never been in a better headspace, or felt as happy and content in myself and in life as I do currently and I’d like to share a few of the reasons why. I could also include a couple of personal life posts depending on the vibe and progression of this new hobby. Ideally my little corner of the internet will be rich in expression, ideas and concepts. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years and recently I’ve been super inspired by life, if ya’ll feel me! It might even keep me sane whilst I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere doing my 88 days of farm work here in Aus??

So there’s a bit about me. Please bear with me whilst my blog looks like I’ve created it on Microsoft Paint. I don’t have access to a laptop/computer whilst I’m traveling so I’m just going to be using my phone, but I’ll do my homework and hopefully have this space looking semi-presentable in future uploads. Just wanted to get it up and running.

Peace x

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