Curiouser and curiouser

The time is currently 4:03am and I’m wide eyed and feeling restless so what better time than now to write a new post. Sleep has never really been my thing but girl, this retrograde has got me fucked up. Thankfully I’m one of those really annoying morning people and those first few hours of the day, the ones where everyone else is still sound asleep, have always been my favourite.

Odd title, don’t you think? Although I’m hopeful most people reading it will recognise the quote from the Lewis Carroll classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ AKA the best novel/story to ever exist in the history of the world. Case closed. Well.. I thought it was rather in-keeping with my current thoughts and in particular, my 4am thoughts on this beautifully bleak Tuesday morning in the city of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

I’ve been thinking a bit about magic and our perception of it. Hear me out lol.. I’m not talking about the kind of stage magic or street magic that you see on the TV, and I’m not about to go down the route of crop circles and Egyptian pyramids.. although.. ???????!!!! Haha. But no. I’ve been thinking about real life, genuine magic that we witness firsthand everyday but never really seem to acknowledge. The kind of magic that is absolutely everywhere, happening around us all of the time.

I’m talking about the idea and belief that science is proven magic. Magic such as the energy that pulls you and I towards the earth like magnets. Magic like radioactive waves or how they travel at the speed of light. Or how about the galaxy, as a gravitationally bound system of stars/dust/dark matter?? Or the fact that we have a giant glowing sphere of gas that “rises” every single morning and a huge lunar rock that takes its place every single night. Or how our entire ecosystem and infrastructure is adapted and designed in order to keep our earth and every living organism on it alive. Our broken skin and bones literally heal themselves just like in the superhero films, and our fingers and toes go wrinkly when submerged in water in order to give us better grip on wet slippery surfaces? Come onnn, you can’t tell me you’ve never sat and freaked yourself out over how perfectly designed our bodies are, or how every species on earth has evolved to the point where they’re PERFECTLY designed for their habitat. Or the fact that we even share our earth with so many crazy beautiful and sometimes VERY questionable looking creatures. I just cannot deal sometimes. Sorry. I just can’t.

I think science, as an umbrella term, is the minds way of explaining and accepting extraordinary happenings. But isn’t it so sad that just because something is proven as science and therefore holds a scientific definition or explanation, we overlook the magic of what’s actually happening. We overlook nature’s ability to do the things it’s designed to do so effortlessly perfect every. single. time. And this type of magic is in everything around us – from the trees that provide us with the oxygen we breathe to the organic produce that grows out of the ground for us to eat in order to reverse disease and promote life. We’re living in a real life Pandora avatar world! Only with a little extra litter and graffiti here and there.

The magic of life has almost become invisible to so many regardless of the fact that it’s everywhere we look, especially in terms of technology and medicine and the rate in which they’re developing. Call me bat shit crazy but surely you could argue that the first ever scientists were technically witches practicing magic of a more… manual kind? In that, they started making medicine before anyone else did, manifesting energies and elements in order to gain some kind of benefit (the type of practices that were made a capital offence in Britain somewhere in the 1500s, and where hundreds of thousands of people considered to be witches were tortured, burnt and hung in Western Europe alone may I add!!) But maybe that’s a post for a different day.

I can appreciate that all interpretations of life and existence are somewhat different, but there’s no denying that this place is magical. And the fact that you’re reading this from wherever you are in the world right now is proof of that. Or at least I think it is. Also, don’t forget to look up at the starry sky every now and again to remind yourself of what you’re a part of – a time and place we will never ever everrr be able to comprehend.. but we can have a laugh trying!


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