The art of manifestation has been an area of practice for people for centuries. And although it seems like yet another media trend.. the principe of manifestation and The Law of Attraction is nothing new.

In New Thought Philosophy, manifestation is described as “the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a persons life”. And I couldn’t think of a way to define it better myself. Books written on “how to manifest anything” and “how to become the master of your own destiny” have been sat on our library shelves for donkeys years. And it is said that the first book on the topic of manifestation appeared in as early as the 1870’s, though it wasn’t until a couple of decades later that the revelation became popular.

As it currently stands, manifestation is a widely misunderstood subject. In that, there’s a common misconception that it means that if you believe in something enough, it’ll naturally happen. But it’s actually so much more complex than that.

Manifestation is also described as a holistic approach to goal setting, through adaptation of your mindset. In more general terms, it refers to a physical sign that something is happening or existing. So essentially, it means bringing something into the realm of reality (whilst remaining mindful of positive and negative bias). In lay man terms (for you and I both), it is the idea that if we think and live a certain way, we will attract similar experiences into our life.

Some argue that we’ve actually attracted every single thing in our lives up until this very moment. That we are constantly attracting situations and experiences without even realising it. And as touched on earlier, the science behind manifesting something is based on the impact of positive thinking on positive action. Likewise, negative thinking on negative action. Which is all happening whether you realise it or not.

If that’s the case.. then the good news is that everyone already knows how to manifest, as we do it effortlessly So, what we now have to focus our attention on is how to manifest intentionally.

A series of experiments conducted at the University of Edinburgh in the 70s & 80s explored mind matter interactions. Using quantum physics and The Law of Attraction, they explored how our mind creates our world and our experience on the outside – our “physical experience” if you will. The results of the study suggested that everything begins on an energetic level and progresses into physicality. It was found that one technique in particular massively influenced our ability to bring our desires into our physical world. That technique being a very clear intention.

It’s recommended for beginners to focus on one thing at a time – by starting off with the thing you want the least, and building your ‘belief system’ up to the thing you really want. Once you decide what that is, set the intention as if it’s already happened. For example “My body has healed and I feel amazing” or “I am in a relationship with the love of my life” lol. It is recommended to use words that excite, and ones which are argued to “raise vibrations”. Meaning, every time we think or speak this intention our energy “rises to a higher frequency”..

I actually have some experience with practicing this myself and I sometimes wonder whether it was/is a placebo effect or not.. but I do genuinely think that speaking my affirmations aloud/into existence had some sort of effect on my thoughts and behaviours. For example, during my Masters degree I got into reading about New Age/Thought Philosophy. So much so that I tried this theory of speaking my desires out-load to myself on the daily. When I finished my MSc in 2019 I was adamant that I was going to find a job with three requirements. 1) The job had to be in Manchester city centre. 2) it had to give me a sense of community and serious career progression. And 3) it had to be well paid – and that was suddenly my new focus in life. But I didn’t just speak it, I did also genuinely believe that I was worthy of finding those things, after the absolute graft I’d put in to resitting my failed GCSE’s at college, to then graduating Uni twice. So I guess for arguments sake that would have had a positive effect on my thoughts, which would have lead to positive action?

Around a month or two into this new approach to goal setting, I was approached by a recruitment agency from down south who provided me with the tools I needed to land myself a place on a business sales grad-scheme. The agency had apparently found my CV somewhere online.. But the craziest part being that the job had all of the requirements I was looking for. 1) It was based in central Manchester. 2) the grad scheme had endless career progression opportunities and was made up of like-minded girls of a similar age – and as a result I’ve made some genuine friends. Which, has been massive for me as I moved here after living in Liverpool for 4+ years so as you can imagine my Manchester circle was pretty small/non existent #loser. And 3) I now pay more in tax than I used to earn in my previous jobs. Which is pretty sickening ha, but SO grounding at the same time! I always laugh when I think back to the assessment day / interview process and how I cried when they called to offer me the role. Stay true huns x

…but was it all PURELY coincidence??? Or had I attracted the above into my life???

Let’s look at a hypothetical example; let’s say you were going to start a completely new venture, such as your own business. You’re obviously going to have reservations about running your own business. Things such as your ability to launch the business successfully, outgoings, finding the right employees etc etc. So as you begin the process of starting your own business, your attention is focused on problems and all the ways in which the business could potentially fail. But the issue with this is, and this is what The Law of Attraction clearly states, the things that you focus on and the things that you pay your attention to are the things that you end up attracting more of into your life.

But it’s deeper than that still, because what’s apparently happening is that you’re focusing on problems and catastrophe, and as a result, you’re creating these “emotional vibrations” in the body. And your thoughts are soaked in the negativity of the situation, on the challenges and the difficulty. And once you’re in this state of mind, you attract way more of those same thoughts. Which, ultimately generate the actions you take in your life, creating a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy effect..?!

But it seems like the key thing to remember is to shift your focus and thoughts on to the things you want to happen, as opposed to the things you don’t want to happen. That part is quite simple.

As always, would LOVE to hear any personal experiences with this one!x

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